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(Yep, these are FSA-eligible. Get more tips below.)

Easier FSA Reimbursements with Target Stores


Identifying FSA-eligible health items while shopping can be a confusing affair. Even the times I’ve done my homework and know beforehand that a certain item is FSA-approved, I’m still not entirely confident until my FSA card accepts the item at the register, or if the receipt indicates that it’s a health item.

Since my wife and I shop at Target stores quite often for our regular needs, I notice when their receipts are able to accurately distinguish and let us know which items are FSA-eligible. Recently when purchasing a box of pregnancy tests (which are FSA-eligible), the receipt we received included a new, additional section called a “HEALTH RECEIPT”. It picks out just the eligible items from your overall purchase, totals them, and makes it easy for you to use it for reimbursements on your FSA account. In fact, the receipt points out that the health receipt represents all items which “may be eligible for reimbursement from most FSA/HRA/HSA plans”:


Pretty cool! Anything that helps in the reimbursement process from retailers is welcome, in my view. So bravo, Target, for helping to lower the barrier through the FSA reimbursement process. Any little bit helps, because of the real money it saves regular folks like you and I.



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