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(Yep, these are FSA-eligible. Get more tips below.)

FSA-Eligible Christmas Gift Ideas

Merry Christmas!

Yes, I realize the title of this blog post is semi-ridiculous, and I offer this post in a half-joking spirit. I mean, who really wants to receive a gift during the holidays that the government has deemed is eligible to be covered for it’s medical and health benefits? (Thanks for the Orthotic Arch Support Gel Insole, Santa!)

However, the holiday gift-giving season is upon us, and I don’t think it’s completely out of the question to consider using your remaining FSA funds (that are expiring) on a practical device or service that a family member or loved one can really use. Heck, I’m sure you can even find something that could be a gag white-elephant gift at your office party this year.

So just humor me, and without further ado, here’s a few random FSA-eligible gift ideas for someone you love (or depending on the gift, someone you don’t):

If you have a ton of money left in your FSA account that’s burning a hole in your pocket, why not give your near-sighted spouse or dependent LASIK surgery? Or if you can’t afford both eyes, at least just one of them? (Joking.)lasik


To turn up the heat on the holiday season a notch, why not a good ol’ fashioned Assorted Pleasure Pack of Condoms as a stocking stuffer for your romantic partner (or as a gag gift)?


For that overly-responsible, perpetually-worried, and always-prepared friend, how about a super-duper 159-Piece First-Responder First-Aid Kit? Or an Ultra-light Travel First Aid Kit for the car?


Need good sleep this season? Let your teeth-grinding spouse know with supreme subtlety by throwing this in his or her stocking: SmartGuard Night-time Mouth Guard For Teeth


For Grandma, how bout that spiffy All-Terrain HurryCane you’ve seen on TV? Or go all-out with a Four-Wheel Walker with Brakes?


Tired of repeating your stories to Gramps? How about a new-fangled Hearing Aid with Noise Reduction Technology


For the ultimate splurge in getting-something-just-because-you-can-and-plus-you-have-to-use-up-your-FSA-account-anyway, consider your very own Philips Home Defibrillator (AED). Yes, your neighbors will be wildly jealous.


Feeling adventurous? Why not gift your spouse (or even yourself) a few acupuncture sessions? They should be fully FSA-eligible (double-check with your FSA administrator though). Finally give eastern-medicine and wellness a chance.acupuncture


And finally for yourself, after the stress of the holidays, you might need to go ahead and treat yourself to a digital, Wireless Blood-Pressure Monitor.


Hope this gives you some out-of-the-box ideas that haven’t crossed your mind. At the very least, they sure beat giving (or receiving) a block of fruit cake this holiday season!



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