Vegan Sunscreen Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30 High-Heel Insoles Blood-Pressure Monitor Warby-Parker-Eyewear-Logo
(Yep, these are FSA-eligible. Get more tips below.)

FSA Limit Increased: Spend $50 More in 2017

If your employer offered you an FSA (Flexible Spending Account) as a benefit in 2017, most likely you had a contribution limit of $2600, a $50 increase from the previous year. In essence, this means you can set aside up to $2600 of your income before taxes for specific FSA-eligible purchases in 2017. (If you need a primer on FSAs and how they can potentially save you dollars, check out my page on why FSAs are awesome.)

So rejoice, FSA-users, another $50 this year to spend on doctor co-pays, prescription Warby Parker glasses, vegan sunscreen, high-heel insoles, and disposable contacts!



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