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(Yep, these are FSA-eligible. Get more tips below.)

What’s FSA Eligible For Babies & Kids?

For parents wielding a FSA-debit card, I’m sure the thought of “what can I spend for my baby/child?” crosses their mind. In this post, I want to share a few interesting FSA eligible items I’ve stumbled across during my adventures of using my flexible spending account. Most of these won’t require a doctor’s prescription, but some of them *may*, so always check with your FSA administrator’s website (mine’s to be completely sure.

Baby Movement Monitor

Who knew a device that tracks your baby’s movement could be FSA eligible? This one by Snuza Go! looks pretty cool. Does it work well? I’d like to know.

Baby Movement MonitorBaby Movement Monitor

Kid Nasal Cleansing

Kid having trouble breathing? Nasal cleansing might be useful to clear nasal passages. This nasal cleansing system designed for kids might be FSA eligible as nasal cleansers usually are.

Kids Nasal Cleansing SystemKids Nasal Cleansing System

A saline nasal gel might also be helpful to moisturize with aloe.

Saline Nasal GelSaline Nasal Gel
With both of these products, you might want to check with your FSA administrator to see if a doctor’s prescription is needed.

Kid/Baby Thermometers

You’ll need this when they get sick, so why not put your FSA to work? This ear thermometer from Braun looks pretty fancy (the design looks cool, as a plus).

Baby Ear ThermometerBaby Ear Thermometer
And this Bluetooth-enabled, wearable thermometer for babies really caught my attention.

Baby Wearable ThermometerBaby Wearable Thermometer
It’s got a smartphone app that goes with it and all! I’d double-check the eligibility on this one just because it’s so high-tech, but thermometers are generally FSA eligible so there’s a good chance. Check with your FSA admin.

Kids Hot/Cold Packs

Hot/cold packs? Pretty mundane stuff, but perfect for your FSA account to spend on. When your kid gets a boo-boo, why not make it friendly for them with this cute re-usable bear hot/cold pack

Kids Hot/Cold PackKids Hot/Cold Pack
or this blue bear cold pack?

Kids Cold PackKids Cold Pack
Also, what’s the deal with all the bears?

Kid/Baby Sunscreen

Sure, it’s a pretty common item to use with your FSA, sunscreen is. But check out the variety I’ve seen recently for your kids/babies. Remember, sunscreen needs to be at least SPF-30 and broad-spectrum to be FSA eligible.

Kids Sports sunscreen:

Kids Sport SunscreenKids Sport Sunscreen
Kids Face sunscreen on a Stick:

Kids Face Sunscreen on StickKids Face Sunscreen on Stick
Kids sunscreen for Eczema:

Kids Eczema SunscreenKids Eczema Sunscreen
Kids Spray sunscreen:

Kids Spray SunscreenKids Spray Sunscreen

Breast Pumps

Ok, so I know nothing about breast pumps, admittedly, but they are FSA eligible. Ok, I know something, there are manual ones and electric ones. That’s all I know. 🙂

Manual breast pump:

Manual Breast PumpManual Breast Pump
Electric breast pump:

Electric Breast PumpElectric Breast Pump




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