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(Yep, these are FSA-eligible. Get more tips below.)

Trying to (Or not) Get Pregnant



The word can evoke various emotions depending on who you ask and when you ask.  Thanks to modern technology, devices have been created to help predict when you ovulate so you get a sneak peek into when your body might be more susceptible to becoming pregnant.

Some ovulation tests can be a little more confusing than others. First Response ovulation tests show results in pink lines while other ovulation kits such as Clearblue show results in circles and happy faces.  However, both claim to be over 99% accurate.

For my husband and I, we’ve been using digital ovulation tests for a few years now in the hopes of conceiving a human being. However, these tests can be are really pricey.  We were dropping nearly $45 each time for a 20 test ovulation kit.  Yikes! Thankfully as James researched more into what FSA covers, we started utilizing FSA to cover our ovulation tests, which makes each purchase a little less painful to our wallets.  

We’ve been able to successfully use our FSA card at Target and RiteAid to pay for these tests, though there was one occasion where the Target card reader didn’t accept our FSA card for a box of Clearblue tests, possibly because the new packaging hasn’t been entered into their system?  Should you encounter something like that, you can always submit your receipt for reimbursement.

So whether you’re trying to get pregnant (baby dust!) or hoping to avoid getting pregnant while consuming copious amounts of sushi and wine a little longer, let your FSA cover the cost of the tests!


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