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My Lubricant Was Rejected, *Ahem*

preseed2I found an old receipt from this past April for some lubricant. As my wife and I are trying to have a baby, it’s actually some “special” lube called Pre-Seed that is especially designed for those trying to conceive. Ok, I’ll spare you anymore details, but the point is, I wanted to get this purchase reimbursed on my FSA. I figured it should be covered since other fertility-related products are. (like thermometers, monitors, etc.) Heck, even condoms are FSA-eligible. Since I paid for the lube with my personal credit card, I took a picture of my receipt with my smartphone and submitted it along with my reimbursement form to my FSA site. Lo and behold, it gets rejected:


I discover that lubricant is categorized as a “Over-the-counter medication”. Since most OTC medication is no longer FSA-eligible without a doctor’s prescription, my purchase didn’t qualify (See, the rejected reason was “RX Required”). I think if I asked my wife’s OBGYN to write a prescription for the Pre-Seed it *may* get approved, but as of right now I’m too lazy to do that. I think I’ll have plenty of other purchases that will sap up my balance eventually. But this episode just goes to show that even things that seem like they SHOULD BE FSA-eligible often IS NOT (at least not without a prescription). So keep looking at our site to find out what items qualify!


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